Wednesday, March 09, 2005


New Survey Research Paper

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In this paper we report data collected through a survey of 1,553 recent participants in regulatory rulemaking public comment processes. Our analysis focuses on the differences between those who used newly available electronic tools and those who mailed or faxed letters on paper and also between those who submitted original letters and those who submitted a version of a mass-mailed form letter. We first discuss current research and theory developing around the issue of electronic rulemaking and online policy deliberation. Next we provide background on the particular rulemakings from which our sample of survey respondents was drawn. After describing the survey methodology, we focus on three types of findings: 1) the absence of a significant difference in discursive practices between electronic and paper commenters, 2) the presence of unexpectedly high levels of discursive engagement across all survey respondents, and 3) the significant differences between respondents who submitted original comments and those who submitted form letters. Finally, we conclude with discussion of the implications of our findings and suggestions for further research.

APHIS, HUD, DHS, and NARA go into production in FDMS this weekend. Will you update the blog more regularly with comments and insights on the new system ?
I would love to update the blog as the FDMS comes online and I will make an effort to do so and to get some commentary posted by users in and out of federal agencies.
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"I would love to update the blog" <- hmmm. Btw, who was it that I remember talking recently about turning the spam protection thingies...? :p
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I have been looking for a study like this for some time, and very much enjoyed reading the paper. However, I'm curious whether the survey controlled for whether the original comment submitters worked for an organized interest group or lobbying firm. If not, it is quite possible that the study groups two unlike populations within the original respondents category. I would have been interested to see how discursive factors differed based on this characteristic.
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